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Box and
Office 365
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Be Productive with Box and Office, Anywhere

Your company is constantly looking for new ways to get more value out of their information, choosing platforms that make every employee more connected, productive and mobile - without compromising security. With native integrations into Office desktop and mobile apps, Box makes this seamless collaboration possible.

With Box and Office 365 you get:

  • Our Box for Office desktop app integrations. Easily edit, share and save any file from Box seamlessly within Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Streamline your email within Outlook and Outlook for iOS by using shared links to files in Box instead of attachments
  • Edit and save content that's stored in Box, all without leaving Office on your iOS device
  • Try out the Box for Office integration by downloading the installer below. If you're an admin, you can deploy Box for Office to your organization by following these instructions. And check out Microsoft's mobile apps - for Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel - that now directly connect to Box

    Get Box for Office   Get Box for iOS

    By downloading the installer above, I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the EULA here. Please visit our support site if you have any issues with Box for Office.

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