Never let the best ideas get away

Create documents, take notes and share ideas in real-time with anyone.

Capturing ideas should be simple

Every idea lost is a missed opportunity. It’s time we changed that.

  • Jot down thoughts quickly in a simple, intuitive way.
  • Create notes directly in Box. No need to wait for programs to open or files to download.
  • Easily embed images, video and rich media files.
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Work is more collaborative than ever

Ideas get stronger with teamwork. Box Notes is designed to make that happen.

  • Your team can take notes, brainstorm and build on ideas in the same document, at the exact same time.
  • Work with the network of collaborators you already have on Box. Box Notes pulls them in automatically.

It's better on Box

Your business ideas should live with the rest of your business content. Now they can.

  • Create content and capture notes where you’ve filed the rest of your documents on Box.
  • Get enterprise-level protection for all your ideas and intellectual property on Box.
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Business without walls

Box Notes is set up for the way business happens today. Everywhere. On the go.

  • Because business is mobile, Box Notes is too.
  • Fire up your notes on any platform, anytime. No exceptions.